About us

In 2010 we began working with the Scottish Government – we now deliver multichannel communications for over 85 organisations and over 4,000 end-users, ranging from national bodies including the Scottish Parliament and VisitScotland to smaller local and regional clients.

Under the Crown Commercial Services framework we’re now working with a further 148 public sector bodies across the UK, from producing educational packs for schools, creating social videos for an antibiotics campaign and managing the dispatch of over 8million secure letters for Companies House.

But aside from the frameworks we also work on some great one-off projects for other organisations – recently we created a new brand identity for a local police force.

From farming and fishing to culture and health, the work we produce helps inform, promote, educate and inspire citizens throughout the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please go to our Group website www.theapsgroup.com

If you’d like to discuss your print and communications requirements in detail, or require help and advice on how the RM3785 framework can flexibly meet your needs.

Please contact:

Tim Aggett
UK Government Business Services Manager
Mobile: 07813 920838
Switchboard: 0161 495 4500
Email: tim.aggett@theapsgroup.com